• Assignment Week11

    Due 4PM November 26

    Final Project

    • Write about your initial attempt/process made for your final project. It could be a more developed project idea, writings, research, early stage experiment, or visual mockups.
    • Please use that as a chance to gather materials for your final documentation/presentation.
  • Assignment Week10


    • Translate a digital language art project into another language or another media
    • You can decide the way you want to translate it: Literal translation, homophonic translation, or translating like a bird (Read Thie poem is a nomad for an example of translating like a bird)
  • Assignment Week8

    Due 4PM November 6


    • Come up with an interactive language project or a language based performance that involves digital media
    • No matter what you do, make sure that language is the center of your piece!
    • For performance, consider using the following: social media, webcam, live streaming, text messages, text projection, screen recording, screen sharing, google map…
    • If...
  • Assignment Week7

    Due 4PM October 29


    • Create a DLA project that meets at least one of the following requirements
      1. Showcasing a data set in a creative way
      2. Use content (primarily text) from Internet as your raw material / playground
    • Try to keep the project small. If you have a good idea that sounds more like a...
  • Assignment Week6

    Due 4PM October 22


    • Mix or blend language and code (programming language & other possibilities?) in a creative way.
    • Possible directions to go: ambiguity, poetics, following/breaking a certain structure, différance…
    • For anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable with programming languages, I would suggest you picking a code system that you are familiar with. There are many different code...
  • Assignment Week5

    Due 4PM October 15


    • Create a text sculpture either in the virtual 3D or in the physical space (bring the object or present the documentation)
    • Try to cover at least three keywords on your list
  • Assignment Week4

    Due 4PM October 8


    • Make an interesting generative piece using Markov chain or grammar rules
    • Play with text analysis
    • Test your generation results with your friends!