Assignment Week1

Due 4PM September 17

  1. Read “Principles of New Media” from The Language of New Media by Lev Manovich
    These are some principles for you to consider through out the whole semester. Try to keep language in mind as you read through it. What are the similarities between language and digital media? How do artists engage with these tendencies in the following art examples?
  2. Listen to Prosthesis by Ian Hatcher: , then read an interview with the artist.
  3. Check out The Listeners by John Cayley and read an essay related to this project.
    You don’t need to check out all the audio samples, for the class discussion please listen to the first Sample Session From Version 2 (the one with Ian Hatcher).
  5. [Optional] Read Text Sound Art : A Survey
    If you need some historical context of text-sound art and sound poetry.
Writing Response